An in Depth Look At Work


TN  2020

I always look at flowers as a beautiful interpretation of life and death, a beginning and an end. The Flowers, created with epoxy resin in 2020, carry the spirit and hope of the “Peace & Love” heydays of the ‘60s and ‘70s that inspires much of my work and artist philosophy. While making the five Flowers, I wanted to use bold, contrasting colors as a thoughtful expression of the time and movement.

I was reminded of the iconic image of peaceful protesters sticking flowers in the barrels of guns in 1967. The Flowers represent love, life, a call to peace, and the remembrance of the dead.

The Flowers can be seen at Chic Evolution in Art in Atlanta, Georgia and Jay Etkin Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Spirit of Music

11’x4′  TN  2019

Inspired by Memphis music legends, The Spirit of Music is a commissioned piece for the Westin Hotel in the heart of downtown Memphis and the birth of a movement.

The work, made from epoxy resin and sheet music, took two-and-a-half months to complete. Embedded in the resin, you can see sheet music from B.B. King, David Porter, Isaac Hayes, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash.

The amorphous movements in the sculpture represent music in three-dimensionality—a time capsule flowing through time and space.

Sing to Me

84″x132″  TN  2012

This commission piece was created for the Infiniti of Memphis showroom in Memphis, TN. It was inspired by David Gilmore’s song Fat Old Son. In the song, there is a lyric that says Sing To Me, meaning world, sing to me. That is how the name of the painting came to be. The song talks about the reflection of life itself. Each of the forms on the painting were created separately in shades of white and cream. The individual forms were placed in such a way as to create one unified composition. This work took three months to complete.

In The Blue with Mister Blue

18″x84″  TN  2010

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra was the musical inspiration for this painting. The painting is a tribute to the life of Jeff Lynne.